Kader Bangsa Law Review Writing Terms

Kader Bangsa Law Review is periodically published, on March, and September. We receive conceptual articles or research reports that have never been published before in any other publication with provisions as follows:

The aforementioned conceptual manuscript or research reports belong to legal studies category. They can be written in Bahasa Indonesia or English within the range of 7-20 pages. The paper size is A4 with above and left margin of 4 cm, and below and right margin of 3 cm. The required font is Times New Roman with 12 size, and 1.5 space. The manuscript titled in Bahasa Indonesia must be in the maximum of 12 words. It shall include abstract and keywords in English (intisari and kata kunci in Bahasa Indonesia). Abstract or intisari shall contain 50 to 100 words. Keywords or kata kunci shall consist of 3 to 5 words or phrase.

The systematic structures of the research reports shall include Title, Author’s name, Abstract (in English), Keywords, Research background (with the Research Questions), Research Methods, Research Result and Analysist, Conclusion and References.

The systematic structures of conceptual paper shall include: Title, Author’s name, Abstract (in English), Keywords, Introduction, Discussion (immediately presented in headings based on the matters being discussed), Conclusion and References.

The writing guidelines are mentioned as follows:

1. Book

‹author’s name›, ‹the year of publication›, ‹title›, ‹publisher›, ‹the location of publication›.

The Format and Layout of the Writing:

Pollock, Frederick, et al., 1888, An Essay on Possession in the Common Law, Clarendon Press, Oxford.

2. Article Journal

‹author’s name›, “‹title›”, ‹journal’s name›, ‹volume›, ‹number›, ‹month›, ‹year›.

The Format and Layout of the Writing:

Pound, Roscoe, “The Scope and Purpose of Sociological Jurisprudence”, Harvard Law Review, Vol. 25, No. 6, April 1912.

3. Research / Thesis Paper

‹author’s name›, ‹year of publication›, ‹title›, ‹type of publication (research/undergraduate thesis/thesis/doctoral dissertation)›, ‹institution›, ‹place of the institution›.

The Format and Layout of the Writing:

Mertokusumo, Sudikno, 1971, Sejarah Peradilan dan Perundang-undangannya di Indonesia Sejak 1942 dan Apa Kemanfaatannya bagi Indonesia, Dissertation, Doctoral Program of the Faculty of Law of Universitas Gadjah Mada, Yogyakart

4. Paper/Speech

‹author’s name›, “‹title›”, ‹type of publication›, ‹forum›, ‹place›, ‹date›.

The Format and Layout of the Writing:

Hardjasoemantri, Koesnadi, “Aspek Hukum Peran Serta Masyarakat dalam Pengelolaan Lingkungan Hidup”, Pidato, Professor Inauguration of the Faculty of Law, Universitas Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta, 15 April 1985.

5. Article in an Anthology with Editor

‹author’s name›, “‹article’s title›”, in ‹editor›, ‹year›, ‹book’s title›, ‹publisher›, ‹place of publication›.

The Format and Layout of the Writing:

Madison, James, “The Federalist No. XVIII”, in Hamilton, Alexander, et al., 1837, The Federalist: On the New Constitution, Written in the Year 1788, Glazier, Masters & Smith, Hallowell.

6. Article of a Magazine or Newspaper

‹author’s name›, “‹article’s title›”, ‹name of the magazine/newspaper›, ‹the published date›.

The Format and Layout of the Writing:

Falaakh, Mohammad Fajrul, “Monarki Yogya Inkonstitusional?”, Kompas, 1 December 2010.

7. Internet

‹author’s name›, “‹article’s title›”, ‹complete url address›, accessed in ‹date of access›.

The Format and Layout of the Writing:

Komisi Perlindungan Anak Indonesia, "52 Komisi Negara, KPAI Ditentukan Seleksi Alam",, accessed in 15 January 2011.

8. Legislation

Nomenclature of legislation with the number, year, and the title then followed by the number and the year of legislation.

The Format and Layout of the Writing:

Undang-Undang Nomor 5 Tahun 1999 tentang Larangan Praktik Monopoli dan Persaingan Usaha Tidak Sehat (Lembaran Negara Republik Indonesia Tahun 1999 Nomor 33, Tambahan Lembaran Negara Republik Indonesia Nomor 3817).

Peraturan Menteri Keuangan Nomor 129/PMK.08/2011 tentang Penggunaan Proyek Sebagai Dasar Publisheran Surat Berharga Syariah Negara (Berita Negara Republik Indonesia Tahun 2011 Nomor 502).

9. Court Ruling/Order

Nomenclature of the court forum product, the number of the product, regard, the date it becomes lawful.

The Format and Layout of the Writing:

Supreme Court Ruling No. 55PK/Pid/1996 in regard to the Judicial Review of Dr. Muchtar Pakpahan, S.H., M.A., 25 October 1996.

Constitutional Court Ruling No. 004/PUU-I/2003 in regard to Constitutional Review of Regulation No.14 of 1985 about Supreme Court toward the Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia of 1945, 30 December 2003.