• Muriyanto Muriyanto Universitas Kader Bangsa
Keywords: Criminal Law, Trafficking, Traffickers.


The problem of trafficking in persons is still wrong one big threat where every year almost thousands of women and children in Indonesia who must be victims of trafficking sometimes they never feels that they are a victim, this problem is not a new problem and does not only occur in Indonesia, but also in other countries. Even the problem of human trafficking actually has occurred since the fourth century where human trafficking was still a common thing and it was not a form of crime where human slavery was still rife where human beings could be traded and used as objects. The type of research data is secondary data with primary legal material and secondary legal material. The collection technique is library research. While the data analysis technique used is descriptive qualitative. From the results of the research and analysis is Trafficking is a classic problem that has existed since human culture existed and continues to this day. The main cause of trafficking is the lack of information on trafficking, poverty and low levels of education and skills possessed by the community, especially those in rural areas, the difficulty of employment as well as the weak implementation of law in Indonesia about human trafficking. This situation is read by the brokers, sponsors and recruiters to take advantage of this situation by developing the practice of trafficking in places that are indicated to be easy to ensnare victims.

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