• Horezki Juwita Universitas Kader Bangsa
Keywords: Cyberspace, Cybercrime, Legal Metanarratives.


The development of science and technology has positive and negative impacts on the lives of humanity. Likewise with cyberspace, as one of the advances in technology is certainly a reality faced by legal metanarratives. Breakthroughs and approaches are needed comprehensive in responding to the powerlessness of legal metanarratives in facing cyberspace challenges. The type of research data is secondary data with primary legal material and secondary legal material. The collection technique is library research. While the data analysis technique used is descriptive qualitative. From the results of the research and analysis Modern law with all its doctrines as legal metanarrative which inherited the law in the past is now helpless when facing the flow of information technology that has given birth to cyberspace. So that state law can be enforced in cyberspace, breakthroughs, paradigm changes, flexibility, universal jurisdiction, harmonization and global (international) cooperation.

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